Back to Sydney


在返回 Sydney的飛機上, 我終於能再次看到了雲海之上的美麗日出。



sunrise-photo by ruth


sunrise-photo by ruth

照片是我臨時用手機拍攝的, 所以效果比較差, 當時的景色絕對比照片上的還要美麗。

sunrise-photo by ruth


I came back to Sydney very early this morning. Everywhere I went I ran into terrible weather with clouds and rains.

I’ve been travelling to some places but four weeks holiday is just not enough for me.  My last few days in China was pretty busy,  met up with friends,  went to a concert and did lots of shopping. It was nice being back in my hometown in China, but I do miss my life in Sydney too.

beijing airport

This photo was taken at Beijing airport before departure.

6 thoughts on “Back to Sydney

  1. PIGI

    I like travel by air.Only because of the clean bluesky.

    We can’t see it any more due the the heavy pollution!

    Love Ur wonderful photo, Love our planet!


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